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Land of the Gauchos!

"A vegetarian in Argentina is like a duck out of water." - anonymous

It is often said that Argentina is second only to the US as the largest consumer of beef in the world. That's a lot of beef, considering that Argentina has a population of 35 million people, compared to the 250 million people in the United States!

Recipe for Making an Argentine

Add in the following order:
- one Indian woman
- two spanish horsemen
- three mestizo gauchos
- one English traveler
- half a Basque worker
- and a pinch of African

Allow to cook for 300 centuries at low temperature. Before serving, quickly add five Italians, a Russian Jew, a German, a Galician, three-fourths a Lebanese, and finally a whole Frenchman.

Allow to sit for 50 years, then serve.

Culinary Background
Argentinian recipes:
from Kate's Global Kitchen
Carbonada Criolla
Chimichurri Sauce
Potato & Beef Empanadas
The South American Grill
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