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As David Bowie once said, "Ch-ch-changes!" The Buzz List name will soon be retired as we break into a new format, new name, and new schedule. Keep an eye out for the debut of Web Blather, which will continue to poke on through in this very spot, once a week on Fridays. Web Blather will take on a specific theme every week, with a little news, a little commentary, a few picture and links, and of course, some fun YouTube blasts. If you have a suggestion for a Web Blather theme, or some fun links or clips that you would like to see posted, send your ideas to gbbloom@myway.com.
It's Free, People
Halloween is upon us once again. The sound of children giggling, doorbells ringing, and "e;Trick or Treat!"e; ringing out across the nation. If you're anything like me, and have stocked up on just a little too much candy, you're also looking forward to some sugar headaches and tummy aches.
October 31st is also the source of many interesting costumes and ideas. Now, anyone can show you photos of cute kids in ghost and goblin costumes. Freeple.com, however, takes a more interesting take, with their latest posting - Pets go Trick or Treating. No, I'm not kidding - dogs dressed up as frogs, pumpkins, and even one Darth Vader.
Going As...
So, it's October 27th, you've got a Halloween party to go to, and you have no clue what to go as. You could head on to a Halloween costume website, like AnyTimeCostumes.com, or put on a pair of jeans, stocking cap and flannel shirt and go as a lumberjack, but you already did that last year. You need something fast and simple, like a laundry basket. Maybe you've got the confidence to slip into some spandex and leg warmers, and show up as an 80s Aerobic instructor. Of course, the Costume Idea Zone has some pretty cool and funky thoughts on their own.
Play It Safe
Trick or Treating is a tradition that most kids look forward to every year, but it's dark out, and masks can limit peripheral vision. Kids want to have fun, but parents don't want to worry, so here is a nifty Halloween Safety Guide. It has a few easy to follow ideas, like making certain your kids can actually see out of those cool masks, and making the tips of any carry-ons - swords, spears, butcher knives, etc - are smoothed or dull (fake as opposed to real should go without saying). Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the sugar rush!
That's Funny?
What type of dog do vampire's like the best? Bloodhounds!! That's right, it's time for horrible Halloween humor! Few events tend to carry as much poor humor as the one-liners, silly stories and pointless puns as Halloween. It's absolutely wretched humor, and everyone knows at least one co-worker who has told a dozen of them. The Holiday Spot has compiled a list of one-liners certain to get a groan or two. And if you're not up for the barely-funny, you might enjoy their trivia section instead.
Warning - all of the jokes on this site are clean enough for your grandparents to use... and they probably will.
I Would Scream, But I Forgot How!
What would Halloween be without scary movies? The suspense, the music, the uncertainty, the questions, mystery... don't go in the basement!! Everyone has their list of the top scariest movies of all time. From the Hitchcock classic Psycho to the more recent flicks starring Freddy and Jason, you can find more scary movie lists than you can find scary movies! Even Turner Classic Movies has gotten into the act, replaying some old-time thrillers. If you like to jump, cringe, and scream, this is your time of year!
And, now, as I wish you a safe and happy candy-gathering season, I wanted to leave you with a clip from a film that, well... it still chills my blood every time I think about this picture...Howard the Duck. Instead, however, I'll leave you with the following classic...
It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
Be safe, and enjoy!

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