Welcome to Excite Super Chat Alpha  

You must first download the Excite Super Chat/Excite Private Messenger before you can begin chatting. NOTE: This application currently will not function on a Mac operating system or WebTV.

What is Super Chat Alpha?
We've spent a good amount of time working to add web browsing capabilities (check out a screen shot) to Super Chat. With the new browser, you'll be able to surf Web sites, visit avatar paint galleries and view chatter created rooms while you chat!

Why is this an alpha version?
We think we have the browser securely added in to Super Chat, but just in case there are any problems, we've released this initial version to those of you who are interested in trying it out. You can turn the browser option off at any time while using Super Chat Alpha by clicking the red 'Switch to non-alpha chat' button at the top. For more info, see our Super Chat Alpha FAQ.

Download now!
So how do I download the Alpha version?
Click the Download Now! button or link and select "Run this program from its current location."
Accept the security certificate by clicking "Yes" to install.
Please Note: it will probably take a few minutes to save the install to your computer.
At this point, you should get a message saying that Excite Private Messenger was successfully installed!
I get this message: "Failed to install the Excite Private Messenger", what do I do?
Click the Download Now! button or link and select "Save this program to disk."
After the file finishes downloading, close all web browsers (including this one) and double click on the file to open it.
When you have finished installing, click here to start chatting in