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Dear Excite User:

As you probably know by now, Excite is under new management. Over the last several weeks, the new Excite team has been working around the clock to migrate personalized information (weather settings, stocks, email, etc.) for users who consented to have this data transferred from @Home, the former owner of Excite, to the new Excite.

We are pleased to report that the transition is complete. Therefore, if you were previously a registered user of Excite and consented to transfer your information, you should see your personalized settings on your Excite start page.

The Excite email service is now both fast and reliable - last week's vendor issue is behind us. We have also re-migrated over 200 million email messages that we were able to transfer from @Home before they shut down their email system.

We're also happy to announce that, based upon your feedback, we'll soon be making improvements to our TV listings, college sports section, email, and more. We continue to encourage you to send us your feedback. (This link is for comments and suggestions only. If you have a problem and require assistance, please click here to visit our Help pages or to contact our Member Services department.)

We look forward to serving you today and every day.

- The New Excite Team

Please note: Your personalized settings and email account will only work if you agreed to have your personalized information transferred to the new Excite (and if @Home, the former owner of Excite, was legally entitled to transfer your information).

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